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Meet Nicole

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It's time for a positive change!

The ABC's of Leadership

Avoid Harm.

City Hall responds to pedestrian injuries by increasing speed limits.

Crime ticks up while City Hall fails to staff public safety jobs.

City Hall makes no downtown parking improvements. 

City Hall cuts opportunities for safe family activities.

Already steep fees are increasing for home improvements.

City Hall ignores blighted areas downtown and elsewhere.

City Hall favors Big Businesses with special treatment.

Downtown owners and small shopping centers are ignored.

City Hall deprioritizes safety issues if Big Business is involved.

Benefit Residents.  

We must center seniors in decision-making.

Helping older residents maintain independence is key.

We must support families by expanding opportunities everywhere.

Helping families live, play, and work in Novato is crucial.

We must create an environment where small business can thrive.

Downtown, neighborhood, and home-based business matters!

Contribute Solutions.

Seniors, families, and small business are ready to do their share.

But they need City Hall to lead.

Nicole Gardner is ready to lead.

Her service with Marin’s Race Equity Planning Committee is helping develop recommendations to promote racial equity in Marin.

Her work weaves together data and the lived experiences of Marin County community members into a set of focused goals and actions to address racial disparities.

Her service with the Novato Multicultural Advisory Commission is helping catalyze respect, understanding, and inclusion of all of Novato's diversity.

Enriching the lives of the community through courageous interpersonal dialogue, and striving to build a safe and strong community through group and individual interaction, Nicole has made a difference through outreach, activities, and education.

Her service with Moms Demand Action furthers the message and agenda of this grassroots movement.

She fights for public safety measures to protect people from gun violence.

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