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Public Safety

People don’t feel as safe as they used to. Whether it’s the fear of crime, the threat of wildfire, or the escalating fear of violence in schools, I am ready to help address those fears. Partly, we need to enable more first responders to live in our community. Right now, almost all our police and fire personnel live elsewhere. Partly, it’s ensuring that our seniors feel connected to their neighborhoods and the larger Novato community. Right now, Novato’s seniors feel isolated and vulnerable, especially as our city sticks with unhelpful models developed decades ago. I will work with the police and fire departments, as well as city staff, community agencies, and the County of Marin, to alleviate fears and bring Novato’s community engagement into the 21st century.


No doubt about it. People in Novato want clean air, open space, and clean water. Our wetlands are in jeopardy from the council’s own actions. Our open space is in jeopardy as the council considers development away from our downtown and transit centers. We need future development, but growth can’t compromise our open space, clean air, and clean water.


Most folks are tired of hearing about Novato’s money problems. Right now, the city has a $2.3 million budget shortfall. They want a leader who will turn that around. As a single mom and a small business owner, I know how to manage a budget. I know how to make lemonade. And as a member of council, I will bring fresh ideas to the table. For instance, as we move away from natural gas, and as we move towards aggressive water capture and reuse, can we imagine a future where plumbers and pipefitters have abundant new jobs to make it happen?

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